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Reverse Osmosis Benefits


Purified Drinking Water

You will now be able to have clean, clear drinking water in your home. The reverse osmosis process removes all chemicals, contaminants, viruses and bacteria from your drinking water. You also benefit from the ease of pouring a glass of water at your kitchen sink.

Preserve the Planet

38,000,000 plastic bottles go to landfills each year in the USA alone. That means only 20% of plastic bottles are recycled. Our reverse osmosis system cuts the need to buy bottled water, and use reusable containers for your water. Go Green and help keep the planet healthy!


Save Money on Water Bills

Most systems that you can purchase waste a lot of water making purified water. The average waste water ratio for a reverse osmosis system is 5:1, that means for every 1 gallon of purified water you waste 5 gallons. Our system is a 1:1 ratio, so your water bill will not increase exponentially like the competitors systems.


Microplastics are in bottled water, plastic bags and more. You ingest them when you drink bottled water and from the food we eat. Microplastics leeched into your food by the means of animals digesting small bits of plastic from pollution, and they have been detected in drinking water, beer, and food products, including seafood and table salt.


Our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Services

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How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter – A cold water line valve is fitted to the water supply in your home and a tube directs the cold water to the reverse osmosis system. The first stage is a pre-filter that removes the solid materials like silt, rust, and dirt from the water. This first stage prevents the other RO filters from becoming clogged with larger debris.

Stage 2 & 3 – Carbon Filtration – It’s during the second and third stages that the true reverse osmosis begins. The reverse osmosis membrane and carbon filters make up these stages. These filters remove chlorine from the water. By doing this in 2 stages, the system removes the chlorine more effectively. During these two stages, elements that may affect the color of the water are also removed. By this time, the water is clear and tastes just about pure.

Step 4 – RO Membrane – Apart from chlorine, there are many other chemicals that can affect our health and the taste of the water. These include fluoride, lead, and chromium. During the fourth stage of the reverse osmosis process, membranes remove these other elements from the water.

Stage 5 – Post Carbon – The final stage of a 5 stage reverse osmosis filtration system is called post-filtration. As the water leaves the tank, on its way to the faucet, it passes through a filtration membrane that collects any particles that may have accumulated inside the tank.

Stage 6 – Alkaline Filter (optional) – This optional alkaline filter replenishes your RO drinking water with minerals and other components that are beneficial for the human body. It also raises the alkalinity of the water, which in turn provides an anti-oxidant water. Alkaline water also improves the immunity system and increases the strength of bones and muscles.